Compilation Issues

I am currently trying to run the base code demo (imgui_demo.cpp) off of command line and I’m running into a lot of issues. I compiled it with the imgui.cpp file but still got errors, so I tried to compile the imgui.cpp file on its own and it didn’t work. It referenced several instances of “ImGui::TextDisabled” in it, which are apparently detailed in imgui_widgets, but that file is not included nor does it have a header within the source to include. That’s also just one example- I was getting much more than just that error. Is there something really obvious I’m missing?

You are probably misunderstanding the C/C++ compilation and linking process.
Detailing the error would help. But basically you need to compile all the .cpp files including imgui_widgets.cpp.

Oh, alright. I figured it was something like that but I didn’t see any includes to external files. By my understanding of the linker, it’ll only grab off of the command line what the preprocessor tells it to, via includes. I’ll try chucking the whole thing on there though. Thanks!