How can make window size elongate with the long title?

How can I should do to make the child window size elongate with the long title.
I have a little bit long title child window. If I use “ImGuiWindowFlags_AlwaysAutoResize” flag for this window. When the CollapsingHeader shrink, this window be uglily.
I can’t find a flag can do this. Maybe I missed it? So I need some help.

My English is not good, hope you can understand this article.
Finally, I would like to thank the developers of ImGui, which has greatly reduced my UI workload. Thank you very much!


This is not possible at the moment, we don’t feed the window title into the window size.

But you can do:
At the end of your window submission to force it’s automatic size to match the title.

That’s enough to satisfy my thoughts. Thank you very much.