Imgui window out of the main window


is it possible to display ImGUI windows outside of a main game’s window? If possible, could you please give me a link to an example or documentation explaining how to do that?

I’d like to show some ImGUI menus to edit several parameters of my game, but I’d like them out of the main window to avoid interfering with the gameplay.

Thanks a lot for this great piece of software! :slight_smile:

This is exactly what the beta/wip multi-viewports feature is allowing. The docking branch include this feature, and the examples should run with it. It’s only working well mostly on Windows (had few issues on Mac/Linux) and assume same DPI for all monitors (but you can hook change viewport to swap atlas on a per-dpi basis).

Thanks a lot for your answer.

I know cimgui is not a project of yours, but do you/does anybody know if there’s a cimgui version of the docking branch? I have to use imgui through one of the bindings that use cimgui, I feel myself able to modify the binding, but not for cimgui.

Thanks again!

cimgui is auto-generated so you should be able to update bindings for Docking branch. Ask on the cimgui repo.

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