Input handling on Linux

Hi all,

I’ve setup ImGui for Linux (on the Pi), together with OpenGL ES 2.0. The rendering seems to be working fine, but of course input is a bit of a struggle on Linux. The framework that I’ve build does some simple input handling, and I was curious if there is any way that I can properly send this to ImGui, so that ImGui can use this input to do things like move a window (since I assume there is no way to get ImGui to work with Linux input directly).

Would setting the parameters of the Context ImGuiIO do the job? I see some values there with the comment “Fill before calling NewFrame”, and some that seem to be computed from this data.

I’ve tried setting just the MousePos and MouseDown[0] values, since for now all I want to do is move a window, but this doesn’t achieve much yet, what is it that I’m missing?

ImGuiIO& io = ImGui::GetIO();
io.DisplaySize = ImVec2(SCRWIDTH, SCRHEIGHT); // in pixels
io.DeltaTime = deltatime;
io.MousePos = ImVec2(ImVec2(static_cast<float>(mouse.mouseX), static_cast<float>(mouse.mouseY))); // mouseX and mouseY are in pixels
io.MouseDown[0] = GetInput()->GetMouseData().leftButton;


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Issue is resolved, found that my mouse (0, 0) position was different from ImGui its (0, 0) position. Simple fix, but didn’t come to mind at first.