Migrating multi-viewports into existing project


The project is here, using imgui v1.49 and DX8: bbmod.

Before diving in further, is it even worth my time attempting to introduce the multi-viewport changes? Not even sure if it’s possible. If not, maybe there are some better ideas for achieving this functionality with minimal changes to the addon framework code (I just want to be able to display the imgui windows outside the client, to put on other monitors for example).



It’s perfectly possible to support multi-viewport with DX8 if you have the corresponding code (similar to e.g DX9 code) but you ought to update imgui first, 1.49 is way way too old and obsolete.



Great, thanks! It looks like updating won’t be a trivial task (I’ll have to refactor all the lua bindings as well), but I suppose it’s a good learning opportunity.