PushItemWidth doesn't affect all widgets?

Hello, I’m looking into setting widgets size and found PushItemWidth but it seems to not work with InputTextMultiline or Text. Is this known and how can I set width for those widgets?

On my screenshot whole window is under effect of PushItemWidth(30) but only InputText is affected

InputTextMultiline() has an override, if you leave the default to ImVec2(0,0) it should use the same size.

Only framed+labelled widgets are affected by PushItemWidth indeed.
Note that the latest version added SetNextItemWidth() helper which is component for quick setting of a single widget.

Hey thanks for fast reply! Indeed I had ImVec2(-1, height) and that -1 was probably overriding width settings. With 0 it works perfectly fine! Thanks a lot :slight_smile: