Replace default font in what file?

I’d like to replace default font, but i don’t know what file i have to edit.
The ui looks to be 100% default imgui.

So far this is what i think i have to do:

// load the Roboto-Medium.ttf file from the media directory
ImFont *pRoboto26 = GUI->addFontFromFileTTF(“D:/CP/Roboto-Medium.ttf”, 26.0f);
ImGui::PushFont(ImFont * pFont)

I opened the imgui.cpp file, deleted all text and saved, but the size is 0 byte, font wasn’t embedded in that file. I hope to find pointers to original font name, so i can find the correct files from 29000 files where i have to make changes.

I figured it out. It was in imgui_impl_glfw.cpp file. Needed to add green part on right.

Never modify imgui files. You can make the call to AddFontFromFilleTTF() from your own file, after initializing imgui. (e.g. your main.cpp file, see examples/ app).