Support for Win32 + Opengl2


Firstly thanks for the awesome that is Dear ImGui.

Onto my problem I am dll injecting into a victim process and rendering ImGui via the victim processes renderer, which can be either dx9 or opengl2.
I have managed to get the demo application up and running with Directx9 in an hour.

I am now trying to get the win32 platform and legacy Opengl 2 renderer up and running.

Firstly is this combination viable?

As you’ll no doubt be aware there are platform+renderer examples for sdl + opengl2, glfw + opengl2 and glut + opengl2 but no example of win32 + opengl2 as of:

SHA-1: 56c3aaf6bd06bbde95138b9dad61e1fa33ccfde8

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Sorted it!

The issue was me. Feel free to ignore/delete this thread.